Currently working in the capture, editing and video production, like free-lancer in Europe,  worked to different clients such as:

Mercedes Benz, OneFM, Net L’éman, Delaneau Watches, Fêtes de Geneve, Supercross, Globo TV, Globo News, Tunning Show, Gardes Frontières, Salon d’Auto Genève,, ABC Australian, After5,tv,  Course de L’Escalade, Mad Train, Vernier Festival, Lake Parade, Caribana Festival, 28 Gold Night, Verbier, By Pass.

Here are some examples of my work that i did like camera and editing

Camera in this video at Ibis for the site

Marco Brand Weihnachtsausstellung (Camera and Editor)

Delaneau at Baselworld – 2013 – Delaneau Watches (Camera and Editor)

Delaneau at Baselworld – 2012 – Delaneau Watches (Camera and Editor)

Stand Mercedes Benz – International Motor Show 2010 (Camera and Editor)

Clip One FM (Camera and Editor)